Weee’re baaaaaaack! With brand new attractions, more blood-curdling scenes, and bigger scares than ever before, Southern Arizona’s scariest haunted attraction is happening throughout October and on Halloween. Visit Tucson’s Terror In the Corn at I-10 & Marana Rd. (Exit 236).

The Blood Bank

You won’t be donating blood here. The vampires who live here will be taking it from you!

These rundown buildings aren’t void of life, they’ve just been overrun with the vicious undead. Blood drips from every corner. Shadows appear at every turn. Slithering, sharp-toothed creatures emerge from the structures looking for their next meal. The worst of the vampires have taken over, and their hunger is insatiable. These demons want more than your blood…they want your soul. Will you make it through The Blood Bank unscathed or will you just be another “donor” on their demonic menu?

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Nightmare Bayou

What blood-curdling creatures and backwoods monsters await you in this spine-chilling swamp? The answer - all of them!

Navigate your way through this nightmare – a foul, godforsaken hellscape that beckons the very worst, most hideous horrors found in folklore. This evil bayou is infested with inbred cannibals, flesh-hungry zombies, ancient cryptids, voodoo witches, murderous creatures, and other unsavory undead – all slinking from below the murky black water to grasp the unwary with their cold hands and drag them down into this malevolent bog. Will you escape the bayou or succumb to the nightmare and become lost to wander the swamps forever?

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Corn Maze

What creatures lurk in the corn? Navigate through the crazy twists and turns of our famous Corn Maze with only the Fall moonlight to guide your way.


Terror In the Corn’s most popular Halloween holiday tradition is back – our giant haunted corn maze made entirely of maize! You’ll meander through the dirt paths, dead ends and daunting 8-foot walls of corn that comprise our fun, family-friendly maze. Enter if you dare and try to find the exit without losing your way…or your mind. 

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The Carver’s Crypt

A twisted turn on the classic Halloween tradition. Find out what happens when the pumpkin actually tries to carve you!

Toxic fertilizer has maniacally morphed our pumpkins into ghoulish gourds – nightmarish creatures straight from Hell, intent on exacting their horrific revenge on the very people who want to carve them up each Halloween. These putrid pumpkins are angry and looking for their next victim to carve. Will these cursed jack-o-lanterns and the grotesque creatures they command complete their terrible reaping? Or will you make it out of the Carver’s Crypt alive?

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The Zombie Shootout

Shoot live zombies and save the day! Can you handle the walking dead before they attack?

18 mounted GellyBall guns are aimed at a field of both fixed targets and live actors – our angry, hungry zombies – who slowly make their way towards you, jumping out from behind obstacles and taunting those hunting them. See if you have what it takes to “take out” the evil, undead zombies before they turn you into one!

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Escape Room

Choose your Escape Room experience and see if you can make it out alive before your time runs out!

With only minutes before the murderer strikes again, try to escape our scary school bus or attempt to avoid the serial killer who wants to make you their next victim. Grab some friends, figure out the clues, and find your way out of our freaky and fun Escape Room before you’re stuck inside…forever.

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Axe Throwing

Where else are you actually encouraged to play with sharp objects? Come split some timber at Terror In the Corn.

Play with sharp objects! Just like darts, only better, you can let your wild side out and axe-perience the rush of axe throwing! It’s a rush of adrenaline when you hit a bullseye and hear your friends screaming your name. Unleash your inner Viking with the axe throwing experience at Terror In the Corn!

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Monster Midway

Terror In the Corn brings the Halloween party nightly! Enjoy music, snacks, drinks, and fun in our midway area.

Beyond our ticketed attractions, Terror In the Corn offers so much more to enjoy – especially for those who don’t like the scares or are waiting for others in their party. Our monster-themed midway area has a variety of free and fun things to do including a nightly DJ dance party, photo ops, and roaming characters, plus food vendors, a beer garden, pumpkin store, and merch & gifts available for purchase.
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