Terror in the Corn Haunted Attraction

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Terror In the Corn be open in 2021?
Yes! And we’re really excited for this season, as we have all new attractions, updated scenes, more scares than ever, and a brand new location closer to town on Tangerine & I-10.

To ensure we have a successful event this Halloween season and still provide our guests’ with the same level of fun and fright, while also remaining focused on guest safety, we will do our very best to adhere to the latest COVID-related guidelines, sanitization requirements, and social distancing best practices and procedures. Though the rules and restrictions are constantly changing, the following protocols will be put in place based on the most current local/statewide mandates and recommendations:

  • Masks and/or face coverings will be encouraged for all patrons
  • Six feet of distancing will be practiced wherever applicable
  • Online ticketing encouraged and limited cash exchanges whenever possible
  • Hand sanitizer stations available throughout property
  • Increased frequency of cleaning common areas
  • Limited group sizes and number of people per attraction

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling ill, having flu-like or COVID-related symptoms, have a fever or experiencing any coughing, sneezing or have any COVID concerns at all. Please use discretion and know that while we take our patrons' safety very seriously, your attendance is at your own risk.

Will there be a Zombie Mud Run this year?
Unfortunately no. Due to COVID concerns and social distancing recommendations, we will not be doing our Zombie Mud Run this year, but we hope to add this event back for next year.

You moved! Where is Terror In the Corn now located?
We are no longer at Buckelew Farm in Three Points! We have now moved closer to town on the west side of I-10 at Tangerine Rd. (Exit 240). You can see the cornfield from the highway! Our new address is: 9312 W. Rillito Village Trail, Marana, AZ 85653

What is Terror In the Corn exactly?
Sure, you've been to a “haunted house” - but can you imagine the frightening possibilities of a haunted cornfield? Tucson’s Terror In the Corn is Southern Arizona’s scariest and most unique Halloween attraction - a variety of “haunts” and Halloween fun all connected by a totally immersive and terrifying cornfield. When darkness falls and the moon comes out, so do the scares, screams and surrounding terror!

When is Terror In the Corn open and what are the hours of operation?
Our haunted attraction is open every weekend night throughout October, including Halloween nights and special Thursday night events. Check the calendar on this page for exact dates and details, but we open the first Friday evening of October and are open from 6pm - Midnight.

How much does Terror In the Corn cost?
CLICK HERE for ticket prices and admission information. Unless advertised, there are no discounts for children or any other groups at this time - all tickets are the same price.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa & Mastercard. Purchase your tickets online by CLICKING HERE.

Do you charge for parking?
General parking is free. We do have VIP parking that gets you closer to the gate, for $10 per car.

Do you offer refunds?
No. Terror in the Corn tickets are non-refundable for any reason and will not be replaced if lost, stolen or unused.

Do I need to print my tickets at home?
To prevent people gathering, adhere to social distancing concerns and keep the lines moving, we strongly recommend printing out your tickets prior to showing up. However, if you do have a smartphone, we are able to scan the tickets from your phone.

How many times can I go through the haunted attractions at Terror In the Corn?
Each ticket is good for one (1) person and grants access to each of three (3) haunted attractions within Terror In the Corn one time. One time through per customer. If you’d like to experience the haunted attractions again, you will have to purchase another ticket.

What are the various haunted attractions and scary options within Terror In the Corn?
While all guests can enjoy the midway area with food, drinks, music, pumpkins for sale, fun games (for a fee) and more, each paid ticket includes access to all three (3) of our haunted themed areas, each more tense and terrifying than the next, including:

  • Field of Screams - see what dangers and devilish scares await you in the darkness of a haunted cornfield. Avoid the insane locals who lurk in the long grass. Escape the monsters of lore just waiting to snatch their next victim. Keep away from the creatures that call the corn home. Enter if you dare, but remember…if you get lost in the Field of Screams, you may never make it out again!
  • Shady Acres Asylum - Explore our insanitorium where unthinkable events occurred and the scariest secrets are still waiting to be fully uncovered. As you wander the Shady Acres Asylum, you’ll be surrounded by the same darkness, death and decay that became the final resting place for the criminally-insane. Will you survive or, like the previous “patients” who lost their minds, will you succumb to its insanity?
  • Circus of Horror - Our “big top” is bonkers! Step right up and experience the circus from hell. Our crazy clown-themed attraction is sure to scare even the most seasoned haunted-house aficionados. Killer clowns, interactive 3D effects, a "loco-motive” loaded with lunatics, and all the twisted smiles and manic laughter of our horrifying harlequins who will stop at nothing to force a “smile" on your face. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you? 

Are there other things to do at Terror In the Corn, besides the haunted attractions?
Yes. In addition to the three (3) haunted attractions included in your ticket price, and the Zombie Paintball, Axe Throwing, and Escape Room, there’s more to see and do at Terror In the Corn, such as:

  • Live music / D.J.
  • Food vendors
  • Beer Garden / Sports-zone
  • Gift Shop
  • Pumpkins for purchase
  • Fire pit (depending on weather)
  • Photo ops / Social Media posting “stops"
  • Fun games including horseshoes, corn-hole, etc.

Will food and drinks be available at Terror In the Corn?
We will have an array of food and drink options available for purchase including hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, sodas and more - however as per City of Marana rules for our outdoor event this season, there will not be any alcoholic beverages this year.

Do you sell alcohol at Terror In the Corn?
Yes, beer and alcohol sales are back! (Although anything can change - as we must adhere to city ordinances and COVID-related mandates.)

What if Terror In the Corn is too scary for me?
Our haunted attractions are among the scariest in the state. Enter at your own risk. However, if you get too scared within the attractions, please stay calm and find the closest staffer or actor in the room, and they will escort you outside. Please note, like sporting events and large attractions, if you decide it’s not for you upon entering, we do not give refunds under any circumstances.

Is there an age limit at Terror In the Corn?
While our attraction is for all ages, due to the graphic nature of the content, Terror In the Corn is not recommended for small children, toddlers or babies. Children 12 years and under WILL NOT be admitted without an adult and parental discretion is strongly advised. A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't bring your child to a horror film or a PG-13 rated movie, it's probably not a good idea to bring them to Terror In the Corn.

Is Terror In the Corn appropriate for everyone?
No, Terror In The Corn isn't for everyone! Please be aware that there WILL be continuous scares, bright lights, loud noises, lasers, smoke, screams and related stimuli. Pregnant women or those suffering from anxiety, heart conditions, sensitivity to light or sound, or suffering from any condition that is not conducive to experiencing a haunted house are urged to avoid Terror In the Corn.

How long is the expected wait in line?
It depends. We appreciate your patience this year as we all adjust for COVID-related safety concerns and social distancing. The more people at the attraction, the longer the wait times.   As it gets closer to Halloween, specifically on Friday and Saturday nights, the wait can be longer. The closer you come to opening time (6:00 pm) the shorter the wait, typically. We do offer a Fast Pass, however, that allows you to “skip the line” and is typically a much shorter wait, if any. 

How much time should I allow for? How long does each attraction take to see?
Terror In the Corn closes at 12 midnight. With crowds, lines and COVID-related safety protocols and social distancing best practices in place, we strongly recommend you arrive early and allow approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to enjoy the complete horror experience (not including the common areas.) While subject to change, the expected time allotment for each haunted attraction is:

  • Circus of Horror - (shortest) approximately 15 - 20 minutes
  • Shady Acres Asylum - (medium) approximately 30 - 40 minutes
  • Field of Screams (longest) - approximately 45 min - 1 hour  

Is Terror In the Corn handicap accessible?
While we can and will work to accommodate all guests, no, Terror In the Corn is an outdoor event built into and around the natural terrain, so it is NOT handicap accessible at this time. Our attraction does include uneven grounds, small loose obstacles in the corn field, natural landscape like trees, corn and rocks and dark, tight spaces that can affect the experience for some customers throughout Terror in the Corn.

Will there be strobe lights, fog, lasers, black lights, etc. in the Terror In the Corn?
Yes. All of these are included throughout the entire attraction. Our event is not recommended for people that have epilepsy, asthma, heart issues and related health concerns. We strongly recommend that pregnant women do not go through the haunted attractions. You can always ask your physician if Terror In the Corn is okay for you, but please use good judgement and do what’s best for you. Safety is a primary concern of ours and we don't want anyone to get hurt.

What should I wear to the Terror in the Corn?
Keep in mind that Terror in the Corn is in an outdoor environment and built through an actual cornfield with natural elements like weather and terrain. We recommend no flip-flops, sandals or open-toed shoes and strongly urge that guests wear sneakers, boots or close-toed shoes. Depending on weather or your own comfortability, we recommend clothing or footwear based on the above information and current weather conditions. 

Will the actors or “scarers” touch us, or can we touch the actors?
No. Actors will not touch you. Please be respectful and do not touch them either. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur, but we will do our best to maintain a safe distance and adhere to current distancing measures.

Will Terror In the Corn be open if it’s raining?
We will stay open if there is a light sprinkle, as light rain does not affect the attraction, however, if there are severe storms or lightning we may be forced to close due to mud in the fields or weather-related safety issues. We will update our Facebook page with weather information, as needed, but it is very rare that we have to close the event due to inclement weather. If we do have to close early due to inclement weather, your purchased ticket will be valid on a future night - the only exception to our no refund policy.

Can we be denied access to Terror In the Corn?
Yes. We will not allow any threatening or foul language, fighting or violence of any kind, obscene gestures or behavior, or any weapons, alcohol, drugs or related contraband. We reserve the right to refuse admittance or remove anyone we deem us undesirable, who is affecting the experience for other patrons or who may be in violation of our rules in any way. Refunds will not be given to those who have been removed or who’ve been asked to leave for the aforementioned reasons. Please be smart, stay safe and have fun.

Is there security on site at Terror In the Corn?
Yes. We will have security on site at Terror in the Corn and on most busy nights there are police officers at the event.

What items can I bring into Terror In the Corn and what items are not allowed?
We do not have lockers or a coat check at our event. Please leave expensive or electronic items at home or in your car, as items brought in or lost anywhere on our property are your responsibility. Terror In the Corn is not responsible for any lost items under any circumstances. Here is what IS and ISN’T permitted:

  • Masks or facial coverings will be strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Very small purses and/or bags are allowed in, while bigger bags, backpacks and large items should be left at home.
  • Pets are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Flashlights, glow sticks or other handheld lights are not permitted, as it can ruin the experience for other guests.
  • While phones are permitted, we ask that they are silenced or shut off prior to entering for the enjoyment and safety of other guests.
  • Photography and video recording (including GoPros) are not permitted.
  • Costumes, halloween masks, props and any weapons (real or fake) are not allowed at Terror In the Corn.

Do you have a lost and found?
While Terror In the Corn is not responsible for any lost items under any circumstances, any items we do find will be collected and kept in our Lost & Found. While we make no guarantees that your item will be found, if you’ve lost an item please contact a staff member on site or email us at info@tucsonterrorinthecorn.com, and we will do our best to help you locate it.

Can we have a group, corporate event, private party or custom event at Terror In the Corn?
Yes. We love private groups! For available dates and details, please email info@tucsonterrorinthecorn.com with your questions or any information you’d like answered, and any pricing or personalization of your private event, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

For media-related needs, sponsorship questions or articles/stories on Terror In the Corn, who should I contact?
For any non-guest related issues, information or ideas, please email us info@tucsonterrorinthecorn.com and we will do our best to respond quickly.

I want to work at Terror In the Corn - how do I apply?
Please visit our jobs link HERE for details and information on working for Terror In the Corn.

I still have questions! How do I contact you?
Please email us at info@tucsonterrorinthecorn.com or call us at (520) 307-1405 and leave us a message, but please note that due to the large volume of calls we receive, email is the ideal way to get a hold of us or messaging us via our Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.


Terror in the Corn tickets are non-refundable. We recommend children under 12 are not admitted. Admission refunds or rain checks are not given as a result of inclement weather. Some attractions may close temporarily until rain, lightning, or high winds have passed and then will reopen if conditions permit. Terror in the Corn tickets are not date specific and are valid during hours of operation in September/October. PLEASE PLAN APPROPRIATE ATTIRE AND FOOTWEAR FOR CURRENT WEATHER CONDITION. Tickets will not be replaced if lost, stolen or unused. 



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